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Karoo Tea, Vegetal Progress

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Karoo Tea, Vegetal Progress

> Nutricosmetic, Beauty

It quenches your silhouette.

Additional Information

INGREDIENTS Cyclopia intermedia
CONTENTS 20 bustine
FUNCTIONALITY Draining, Remineralizing

Cyclopia intermedia is a leguminous, with golden and perfumed flowers and a honey aroma; as a matter of fact it is also known as “honeybush”.

Honeybush contains very important minerals such as iron, magnesium, zincum, sodium and manganese. It is very appreciated for its anti-oxidant properties and it helps to restore the water-balance of the body.

Its aroma is honeyed, it does not contain theine and it has a small amount of tannins. It is advisable for children and for people that have to limit tannins and stimulant substances. It also has diuretic properties, specific for water-retention problems.

Verdelime offers you Karoo Tea, certified honeybush, as a drink that can be taken in every occasion: when you want it, when you feel the pangs of thirst, for breakfast, to maintain the physiological hydro-salt balance.  

Download the following technical data card, for a regular food supplement.

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agricoltura biologica

Le materie prime usitlizzate per creare questo prodotto provengono rigorosamente tutte da coltivazioni biologiche.

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Questo prodotto cosmetico naturale è stato realizzato utilizzando materie prime di qualità senza impatto ambientale. Anche i flaconi utilizzati sono in materiale riciclabile al 100% così come la confezione che riceverai è prodotta in cartone riciclato al 100% e riutilizzabile grazie all'iniziativa EcoReuse.

vegetal progress

Questo è un prodotto Vegetal Progress.

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